Davis Holdings L.P. and affiliates has interests in or operates over 50 various properties located in Texas and Oklahoma. In addition, there are 12 active prospects in the company's portfolio.

Davis Holdings L.P. focus area is in Hardin and Jasper Counties, Texas where the success of exploration efforts has been in the Yegua and Wilcox sands. Davis Holdings L.P. is continuing to actively lease and drill in this area.

Summary of Oil and Gas Expertise:


  • 30 Years Oil and Gas Experience
  • Proven Tract Record
  • Core Investor Group
  • Experienced Staff of Professionals

    Davis Bros. has historically conducted its exploration activities in association with substantial corporate and sophisticated private investors. The Company's projects have ranged from single exploratory prospects to multi-year, multi-well programs.
    Mississippi - Alabama Program
    The largest major program conceived and implemented by Davis Bros. in the 1970's was its participation in the efforts of Davis McCoy, Inc. This company was organized by Davis Bros. to conduct an extensive exploration program on behalf of Public Service Company of' Oklahoma and Gulf States Utilities of Beaumont, Texas.

    This program acquired in excess of 400,000 net acres of leases and 2,000 miles of seismic data over a three year period. The first prospect drilled in this program yielded an outstanding Smackover discovery which opened up the Chunchula Field in Mobile County, Alabama. Subsequent to the discovery. thirty-Four (34) producing wells were successfully completed, yielding similar productivity.

    Reservoir studies of this field conducted by the operator, Union Oil of California. indicated recoverable condensate reserves or 102 million barrels and recoverable gas reserves of 179 billion cubic feet.
    During the term of the project, an agreement was effected with the largest independently owned oil partnership in Norway to participate in the venture, which provided for a two phase commitment. The first phase required the Norwegians to expend $22.5 million in exploration and drilling on the 400,000 net acre leasehold position in order to earn an interest in the block, excluding all ownership in the Chunchula Field. The second phase dealt with their funding of development drilling expenditures on each prospect after the initial exploratory well had been drilled. This program developed the Waveland Field in Hancock County. Mississippi where it established excellent gas reserves in the Mooringsport Formation at approximately 13,000 Feet. Deep drilling on the program acreage resulted in the discovery of Catahoula Creek Field in Hancock County, Mississippi. This program also developed excellent gas reserves in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma.

    Alabama Ferry Field
    One of Davis Bros.' most significant exploratory successes in the 1980's was the Alabama Ferry Field in Leon County, Texas. The field produces from the Glen Rose Formation in the "D" internal over a large area ranging in depth from 9,000 to 10,500 feet. It is the largest Cretaceous-aged discovery of its kind since the Giant Fairway Field found in 1960.

    Davis Bros. assembled a group consisting of London and Scottish Marine Oil (Lasmo) headquartered in the United Kingdom; Weeks Exploration, whose main offices are in Australia; Neste Oy, the National Oil Company of Finland; and Logo Oil and Gas, owned by the Le Frac family of New York, to jointly acquire leasehold, and to explore for and develop reserves within an area of mutual interest considered highly prospective by Davis Bros.

    Many of the wells in Alabama Ferry Field tested in excess of 1,000 BOPD and 1.5 MMCFD. The field is currently being water flooded.
    Chevron - Osage Indian Program
    The most recent large joint venture originated by Davis Bros. was consummated in September of 1995, among the Osage Indian Tribe of Oklahoma, Davis Bros. and Chevron. The agreement, very historic in nature, was the first major exploration agreement signed by the Osage Nation since 1916 and covers over 400,000 acres. Most of the area has been shot with 3-D seismic as part of the joint venture. Recently, the Red Fork has been an active exploration target. A total of 24 wells will have been drilled in the Red Fork through 2007. An additional 100 wells are planned. Reserves for this field could be greater than 10,000 million barrels of oil equivalent.

    Lucky Leon Field
    The Lucky Leon Field was discovered in 2001 by Davis Bros. It is the largest discovery in the non-pressured Yegua in the last 30 years in southeast Texas. It is estimated that current recoverable reserves are 28 billion cubic feet of gas and 4 million barrels of oil.

    Davis Bros. is one of the top producers in Hardin co., TX.

    Southeast Texas is one of the many primary areas of exploration for the company, targeting the Yegua and Wilcox formations. The company currently owns over 10,000 net acres of leases and options in this general area.

    Mineral Holdings

    Complementing its other exploration activities, Davis Bros. owns and/or manages in excess of 500,000 gross acres of mineral interests in twenty-two states. These acquisitions represent the entire mineral assets of The Alliance Life Insurance Company, Peoria, Illinois; The Central Standard Life Insurance Company, Chicago, Illinois; The Commerce Trust Bank, Kansas City, Missouri; The Wilbe Lumber Company, Des Moines, Iowa; and the interests or numerous individuals and estates. These mineral interests arc primarily concentrated in the Anadarko and Arkoma Basins in Oklahoma, the Delaware Basin of Texas and New Mexico, and the Salt Basin and Smackover Provinces of Mississippi . Rather than operating its mineral assets as would a typical royalty company. the philosophy of Davis Bros. is not to grant leases on its minerals until it has first considered participating in the drilling of wells, This approach allows Davis Bros, to consider its proprietary minerals as paid up leases which hold potential for development as warranted.



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